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Green Deal Suppliers

The table below lists the Energy Suppliers (Licensees) who have acceded to the GDAA and support the operation of the Green Deal by the provision of electricity and the remittance of Green Deal Charges. Suppliers who have not acceded cannot participate in Green Deal Plans.

Supplier Name Website

Date Acceded

British Gas Trading Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
EDF Energy Customers Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
Electricity Plus Supply Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
First Utility Ltd 02/03/2014 Live
Green Energy Ltd 08/03/2013 Live
Hudson Energy Supply Ltd 03/01/2018 Live
npower Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
Opus Energy Ltd 11/02/2013 Live
Scottish Power Energy Retail Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
Solarplicity Supply Ltd 03/01/2018 Live
South Wales Electricity Ltd 22/02/2018 Live
Spark Energy 05/09/2017 Live
SSE Energy Supply Ltd 01/10/2012 Live
Utilita Energy Ltd 23/05/2017 Live

In addition, several “white label” suppliers also support the Green Deal.

Ofgem defines a “white label” supplier as an organisation that does not hold a supply licence but instead partners with a licensed supplier to offer gas and electricity using its own branding.

The names of these white label suppliers will be available once we have obtained their consent.