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GD ORB Communications

From time to time, GD ORB may issue important updates and communications in relation to the scheme legislative requirements or operational processes.

The  full list of  the GD ORB communications issued are provided below. Zip file with communications relavent to Green Deal participant groups are available for download from the right hand side of the page.

GD ORB communications:

Communication Reference Live/ Superseded/ Expired Party Affected
Providers Assessors Installers Certification Bodies
ORB COMM001 Live        
ORB COMM002 Live    
ORB COMM003 Expired        
ORB COMM004 Superseded        
ORB COMM005 Superseded        
ORB COMM007 Superseded        
ORB COMM008 Superseded        
ORB COMM010 Live        
ORB COMM012  Live         
ORB COMM013 Live        
ORB COMM014 Superseded        
ORB COMM015 Live        
ORB COMM016  Live         
ORB COMM017  Live       
ORB COMM018 Live 
ORB COMM019  Live         
ORB COMM020 Live   
ORB COMM021  Live         
ORB COMM022 Live    
ORB COMM023 Live
ORB COMM024 Live  
ORB COMM025 Live
ORB COMM026 Live  
ORB COMM027 Live
ORB COMM028 Live      
ORB COMM029 Live    
ORB COMM030 Live  
ORB COMM031 Live
ORB COMM033 Live  




Documents can be downloaded using the links below: