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The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body is pleased to announce that from today, 1st October, the framework for the Green Deal is in place to support the market to develop over the next 18 months and go on to meet the Government's ambitions for a major programme of national energy efficiency retrofit.

This will allow authorised organisations to put in place their operating models and any marketing materials to start promoting themselves and the Green Deal. It is intended to be a ‘soft launch’ to allow participants plenty of time to complete the application process, and follow through with business models and promotional activities. This approach aims to give the market a more stable footing for when the legislation takes effect on 28th January 2013, and consumers start to become further involved.  Please click here to view an announcement from DECC, released in June 2012, regarding further information about the timings for the Green Deal.

From today, anyone who has successfully completed the authorisation process can start promoting themselves as “Green Deal Authorised” using the Green Deal Quality Mark, and begin operating as fully as possible in this field. The website will now host a Register of all those who have successfully complete the application process, and will continue to be updated regularly as new applicants are accepted.